Career Profile

Im currenlty working as a certified teacher, but still keeping myself up to date (thanks to my own dedicated server since 2015) on IT projects. Most of them are related to my main activity, mathematics teaching. I like to use IT in various situations, where still lots of teachers are using more traditionnal habits. Having more than hundreds of students each year could be hard, IT helps a lot, leaving more time to spend in less repetitives tasks, or in my "third" professional activity which is Diving Instructor.

I built my main experience in different companies between 2008 and 2016 as IT Engineer then I work as a freelancer (micro company). I like to work remotely on different kind of projects, which could be system or network oriented, but also storage, virtualisation, or any web application to set up or configure.

My favorite working tool is a dark console terminal with the best swiss army knife, the vi editor... and my philosophy to learn new things every day!

Here is my latex format CV


Certified Maths Teacher & IT Tasks

Jan 2019 - Present

Managing and evolution of dedicated server, main use case for teaching, hosting others services (unifi server, ...).


Hypervisor: Proxmox VE. Install, configuration 3.3 to 6.4 (now), several (>20) LXC containers.

Load Balancer: Haproxy. Install from sources v1.7 to 2.5 (now), configuration, many frontends and backends.

Multi-Domain Mail Server (personal use / hosted domains): Postfix + Dovecot ( and others). Install / config + dns + dkim.

Automation: Ansible. Mainly for upgrading servers. Monitoring: Nagios.

Misc: Flask auto-training.


Forum: Discourse Maths NSI (for students). Compiled from sources (ruby), no docker, more flexibility inside LXC. Upgrading 2.7.4.

Maths Exercisor: WIMS (many classrooms). Self hosting (since 2017). Compiling from sources v4.21f (now), configuration. Creation of python scripts to enhance the use.

Student's Tests: Auto-Multiple Choice (AMC). Creation of Maths & IT Tests. Github LaTex + Pythonex -> uniq test for each student.

Student's FileSharing: Owncloud API. Created website liens (creds: georges / brassens), with dynamic links for students to share files. Reusing students username and password from school. Using owncloud API + Python.


Videos: Hosted Plex for years. Switched to Jellyfin. Not hosting videos server currently

Photos: Koken. Have to switch to another service. Proxy: Tor

Systems & Networks Freelance

Jan 2016 - December 2018

Managing and evolution of IT infrastructures.

Configuration Linux (Salt), LoadBalancer (Haproxy), VPS, Mails, Mysql (replica), DNS, VPN.

Systems & Networks IT

Jun 2015 - Nov 2015
SILAE, Aix-En-Provence

Prospect datacenters for hosting bays.

FS with LVM Encryption, LUKS, cryptsetup, grub2.

Monitoring servers: Nagios, NsClient, NRPE, SNMP. Retrieving Hardware (DELL) information: Openmanage. Sendmail notification.

Backup running MySQL server: xtrabackup, innobackup, incremental

Devops Linux alarms receiver

Nov 2010 - Apr 2015
Honeywell, Sophia-Antipolis

SDK Customer support, alarm protocol. Linux dev (C, multi threads, telecom, monitoring).

International project. Writing specifications, bugs tracking (JIRA, QC). Work travels (Spain, Norway).

Datacenter management (3 bays). Virtualization: Setup & Admin, ESX 4 to 5.5 & iScsi SAN. Firewall PIX, ASA, CISCO Routers, Switches.

C development of system and applicative monitoring tool.

Project Chorus Architecture Operation Team

Feb 2009 - Nov 2010
AIFE, Noisy-Le-Grand

Setup hot backup solution with the use of clones with short night backup windows constraint.

Systems: AIX, Linux, Windows Server.

Softwares: EMC Networker (NMO, NMSAP). Cronacle. Nagios, Centreon. IBM ClearQuest.


Setting-up an open-source call center - Asterisk, VoIP, Fedora, Web Call Back.
App dev on Nintendo DS - C++, Libs PALib, Wifi communication.

Skills & Proficiency

Systems: Linux & Unix; Windows Servers


Python v2 & v3

Shell scripting

Cisco CCNA Level 4

C development